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 “My sessions with Allison have been space where she helped me to see the next step ahead of me before I was able to see it, times when I was confused and not clear within myself and she was able to see what my next step forward was, grounding me into my body, clearing my system of confusion and little tangles that get in the way. Clearing my head of all sorts of illusions and stories and old subconscious ways of being and really grounding me into the simplicity of what we're here to do in this life.  My second session was all about my Mom, and now I literally have my relationship back with her. I can see [my Mom] from a space of love rather than blaming, and resenting her for everything. I've spent my whole life resenting her, and because of the conversations I’ve had with Allison, I'm able to communicate with her, own my responsibility and clean up my side of the street. To sum it up, Allison is the vision, the clarity, the safe space, the softness, the nurturing AND the groundedness." -R.F

"Allison's sessions have been really powerful for me. If you've ever considered exploring this type of work for yourself, I would highly recommend her counsel and safe space. Through meditation, reiki, crystal work, and conversation Allison has helped me on my path of recovery and creation. She is a gem." -M.G.

"My session with Allison was a life changing moment that I will forever hold dear to me. From the moment I walked in I felt like I was in a safe, and sacred place. Even before fully getting into the reading Allison started telling me things I’ve never disclosed to anyone. She started discussing my ancestry ... and in that moment I felt such a release. My session with Allison also brought attention to some health issues I needed to take care of, which for so long I was in denial about. Choosing someone to work with when it comes to this kind of stuff is tricky, but Allison is one of the most authentic energy workers that I’ve ever worked with and would recommend anyone to work with her and experience this kind of bliss." - N.D.