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I serve the artistic spirit, the creator, the maker, the thinker, this quality manifests itself in infinite ways. 

From casual hobbyist, to seasoned professional.  The urging to create something where there once was nothing is the same. While ultimately, I believe that each and every person is a Creator, there are some with the artistic pull to give their creative expression as a service to others. In you I see the public servant. I see the molder of our society, the buildings we live in, the clothes we wear, the gardens we walk through, the books we read, the food we eat, the song that comes on at our best friend's wedding.  What you give is a service to the world. We all lean on the arts to feed us, support us through our best and worst. Artistic expression serves as a steward of the collective psyche. To reflect, to offer beauty, to challenge, this is healing work. But who serves the servant? 

To give, in the face of constant rejection, competition, the thankless hours learning, practicing, rehearsing, re-doing. This endless giving, the hope to give, the vulnerability it takes to constantly show up to the process, but not feeling held or uplifted in that unless you "make it" and even then, comes the pressure to sustain. We can move away from the tortured artist archetype, we can be fed before feeding others. We must be fed so that we CAN.

You May Have Issues Around




Over-Active Mind

Healthy Boundaries


Fear of Failure/Fear of Success




Follow Through



Together we can go to the root, to shift these into greater fulfillment, peace, and strength.