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Sessions held in person in NYC (Flatiron) and remotely.

○ 20 min Introductory Consultations ○

Working with counsel is an intimate experience. It’s important we both feel comfortable and feel clear on our intentions together. We’ll discuss what you’d like assistance with or where you’d like clarity.

These complimentary calls are held via Skype.

What a Session Looks Like

I offer intuitive guidance in the form of channeled messages, from spirit and your body. Sessions can look many ways dependent on need. Sometimes it feels more like talk therapy, and sometimes it involves reiki, crystals, and meditation.

Followed by recommendations and next steps to continue the work after our session is over. I care about your well being and want the best for you. I am rooting for your growth. With that comes the need to speak to you with full honesty. I am compassionate, kind, and direct. This work is therapeutic in nature. This is a symbiotic experience, much like a personal trainer, what you get out of it is a direct reflection of how you show up for yourself, in sessions and between.

This is a conversation. My intention is to aid people in tapping into root issues, removing blocks, highlighting strengths and offering guidance toward greater wholeness. We start with what you’d currently like to work on, but find that often is symptomatic of a deeper issue. Please come prepared with one or two questions relating to where you seek clarity.


However, we can also leave it open to the moment. The most beneficial sessions are those in which you come with an open heart to explore any area of life. Often times it connects back to current issues. My insight serves as emotional support to help you remember and access the best version of yourself. While I don’t make direct predictions as I believe free will makes everything incredibly malleable, it is best to take notes as things that may not make sense currently will become more clear as you go on your path.