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Artist Statement

I think of Art as Medicine as the crosspoint where creativity and spirituality meet.


 I see the experience of Art and/or Spirit as the infinite, never to be truly defined or answered, instead, a constant inquiry, a constant practice. In co-creation there is always the combination of personal will and authority, and greater will and authority - that which is beyond our control.  But assuming that the universe is a benevolent place, we can walk with a knowing that wherever you may end up, is exactly where you're supposed to be.  I use this improvisational practice in my work, sometimes my intentions are clear, sometimes not, and my control over either comes in to varying degree. 


I use prayer as practice of focused healing intention for each piece, a blessing.  Repetitive movement to clear the mind or use of mantra.  I free-hand dashes, lines, organic shapes, and multi-layered washes. Much like a seated meditation practice, I aim, stray, and return. The math or composition may be slightly off, but there's always the opportunity to start again. These are my prayers, this is my practice.